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  • Stein and Dine - Friday October 3rd 2014

    Friday October 3, 2014

    Roast & Victoria Beer Week join forces to bring a classic Oktoberfest-style event to the Victoria Public Market.

  • Common Denominator Collaborative Beer

    A collaborative beer from Four Mile, Saltspring Island, Loghouse and Phillips Breweries for Victoria Beer Week 2014. Available at The Garrick's Head and The Drake.

  • We brewed a beer for HOPoxia with a Bunch of breweries!

    In the spirit of HOPoxia, we gathered Moon, Phillips, Salt Spring Island, VIB and Parallel 49 to put together a special collaborative cask of our first beer:

    HOPoxia Details

  • Announcing Victoria Beer Week 2015: March 7-15!

    The inaugural Victoria Beer Week was such a huge success that we're already planning year two! Expect more events, more venues, more breweries and yes, more beer...

    watch our 2014 wrap-up video

March 7-15, 2015/ Victoria, BC, Canada

About Victoria Beer Week

Victoria Beer Week is an nine-day series of events highlighting a broad selection of BC craft breweries while educating Victorians about craft beer. The week is bookended with large events that pair BC craft beer with local Victoria artisan food vendors, with a clear focus on showcasing quality BC craft beer and educating beer enthusiasts. Smaller tastings, seminars, movies and micro-events happen at various venues throughout the week.

About the Victoria Beer Week Society

Victoria Beer Week Society is a non-profit organization whose mission is to facilitate various beer-related events at locations around Greater Victoria. We aim to educate and build “beer ambassadors” out of craft beer newcomers and seasoned beer geeks alike, as well as to increase business for all facets of the BC craft beer industry, including liquor stores, breweries, restaurants, pubs and home brew supply stores.

Check out this awesome wrap up video!

A HUGE thank you to all of the breweries, sponsors, venues and beer-lovers that made the inaugural VBW such a success! We couldn't have done it without your support & we cannot wait to plan VBW2015!

State Of The Craft Beer Revolution!

One of Victoria Beer Week's centerpiece events was an evening of serious beer talk: Joe Wiebe gathered an amazing cast of prominent BC craft beer personalities at Rifflandia HQ for a discussion about BC craft beer's past, present & future. The result was an amazing dose of insight from some of the important folks that make BC's craft beer community tick.

Huge thanks to Matt Phillips, Gary Lohin, Paul Hadfield, Brent Mills, Graham With, Clay Potter and Joe Wiebe.

Missed out on Cask Night?

We got you covered! Our kick off event at the Victoria Public Market was a huge success – have a gander below for some memories or some serious incentive to attend next year!

Thanks to all of our amazing volunteers!

Victoria Beer Week owes a lot to many people: the organizers, the breweries, the venues and all the craft beer enthusiasts out there... but we could not have done this without our AMAZING VOLUNTEERS! Huge thanks to them all.

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